KULT 15: Racism in Denmark


Introduction: Taking Racism Seriously
Nanna Kirstine Leets Hansen & Julia Suárez-Krabbe

Zanubia A.Omar

Zanubia A.Omar

Black Girl’s Survival Guide (for life in Copenhagen)
Lesley-Ann Brown

STILLS: Poetic reflections on racisms in Denmark’s kindergarden (access text here or listen to the audio below)
Naja Dyrendom Graugaard

And the Oscar goes to……
Benjamin Kold Rosenkilde

The Road to Hossein
Lesley-Ann Brown

Denmark’s Innocent Colonial Narrative
Gabriella Isodora Nørgaard Muasya, Noella Chituka Birisawa & Tringa Berisha

Dansk kolonialisme og race – reprænsentationer af den ikke-hvide anden i Vore gamle Tropekolonier
Björn Hakon Lingner

“Looking for north Europeans only”: Identifying Five Racist Patterns in an Online Subculture
Andrew DJ Shield

Racism, Global Apartheid and Disobedient Mobilities: The Politics of Detention and Deportation in Europe and Denmark
José Arce & Julia Suárez-Krabbe

BLACK LIVES MATTER: African Homeless, State Racisme and Police Violence
The Bridge Radio

Whiteness, knowledge production and politics. Keynote at Roskilde University on March 20, 2017. (Listen below)
Shelley Moorhead

Danish Colonialism Revisited, Deconstructed or Restaged? Review article of Danmark og kolonierne [Denmark and the Colonies] (Copenhagen: Gad, 2017)
Lars Jensen