KULT 7: Nordic Colonial Mind

Introduction Serena Maurer, Kristín Loftsdóttir, Lars Jensen Provincialising Scandinavia Lars Jensen Fantasies and Experiences: The Norwegian Press Coverage of Africa 1900-2002 Anne Hege Simonsen Becoming Civilized: Iceland and the Colonial Project during the 19th Century Kristín Loftsdóttir Dark Blood Birgitta Frello Science in the Name of Jesus: Human Remains Collection by Swedish Missionaries Karl Edvard […]

KULT 6: Special Issue – Latin America

Introduction: Coloniality of Knowledge and Epistemologies of Transformation Julia Suárez-Krabbe   A Decolonial Approach to Political-Economy: Transmodernity, Border Thinking and Global Coloniality Ramón Grosfoguel   Eurocentrism, Modern Knowledges and the ‘Natural’ Order of Capital Edgardo Lander   The Plurinational and Intercultural State: Decolonization and State Re-founding in Ecuador Catherine Walsh   Space and the Ritualization […]