KULT 7: Nordic Colonial Mind

Serena Maurer, Kristín Loftsdóttir, Lars Jensen

Provincialising Scandinavia
Lars Jensen

Fantasies and Experiences: The Norwegian Press Coverage of Africa 1900-2002
Anne Hege Simonsen

Becoming Civilized: Iceland and the Colonial Project during the 19th Century
Kristín Loftsdóttir

Dark Blood
Birgitta Frello

Science in the Name of Jesus: Human Remains Collection by Swedish Missionaries Karl Edvard Laman and Selma Laman in the Two Congo-states in the Early Twentieth Century
Kristina Helgesson Kjellin

Remembering Nordic Colonialism: Danish Cultural Memory in Journalistic Practice
Bolette B. Blaagaard

‘Sweden Helps’: Efforts to Formulate the White Man’s Burden for the Wealthy and Modern Swede
May-Britt Öhman


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