KULT 6: Special Issue – Latin America

Coloniality of Knowledge and Epistemologies of Transformation
Julia Suárez-Krabbe


A Decolonial Approach to Political-Economy:
Transmodernity, Border Thinking and Global Coloniality
Ramón Grosfoguel


Eurocentrism, Modern Knowledges and the ‘Natural’ Order of Capital
Edgardo Lander


The Plurinational and Intercultural State:
Decolonization and State Re-founding in Ecuador
Catherine Walsh


Space and the Ritualization of Axè in Candomblé
Lia Paula Rodrigues


Colonial Categories and the Exclusion of the Excluders by the Excluded (Or, the Dialogue or Inversion of Power Relations in the Processes of Political Change in Latin America)
Jan Gustafsson


Colonialism in Context
An Aymara Reassessment of ‘Colonialism’, ‘Coloniality’ and the ‘Postcolonial World’
Anders Burman


Global Coloniality and the Decolonial Option
Madina Tlostanova and Walter Mignolo


Enrique Dussel – Critique of Ideology from the South
Asger Sørensen


Scandinavia – A Peripheral Centre
Lars Jensen


Not just Philosophy.
On the Publication of Philosophy of Liberation, an Anthology of Enrique Dussel’s Thought in Danish
Julia Suárez-Krabbe


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